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All bookings must be AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance from your event date unless I can fit your order into my schedule. If I can accommodate, you will receive a price quote and if agreed upon, I will set up your invoice. Before receiving a price quote/invoice, clients must fill out my order inquiry form. Please ensure all contact and order information is correct before submitting.

Once you receive the invoice, a 50% down payment is required for all orders unless it is a multiple-batch bulk order in which full payment is needed. Any other orders under $30 must also be paid in full. Clients must pay the 50% within 48 hours of receiving the invoice to hold their booking. If I do not receive a deposit by 48 hours I have the right to cancel the booking spot and you will need to resubmit a new order inquiry form.


The remaining 50% shall be paid by the client no later than 5 days before the event date. I process all payments through my online site and the client may pay easily via the invoice link I send via email. Other accepted payments are as follows: Cash, Check, Venmo, or PayPal.

In order for Sweet Eats By Rachel to move forward with all orders, details including but not limited to: Pickup Time, Delivery Time, Pickup Day and Delivery Day, and payment is required. If Sweet Eats By Rachel does not receive an answer/confirmation on said details and payment, your order will be canceled and (refunded if paid already). Said details are asked so we know when to make your order, and to reduce issues with scammers and no-shows, this policy is required to be followed.



All changes to your order event date, designs, and flavors must be submitted in writing, by email, message, or contact form. Any changes need to be made no later than 5 days before your final payment date. Any changes requested after the 5 days may or cannot be accepted.


I will not duplicate an exact copy of someone else’s work. Any inspirational photos will be used as a guide. I will do my absolute best for any color match requests. For a better match, send an item for me to work off of via mail such as a fabric swatch. I cannot guarantee a good match from a photo. I also cannot guarantee to match any color 100% exactly or any glitter, shimmer, or metallic colors. I have the right to decline a specific design if it includes any licensed art or characters such as Mickey Mouse. I am unable to make a profit off of licensed designs.



All cancellations must be made in writing, by email, message, or through the contact form. I will send you a separate cancellation policy agreement that is required to be signed to confirm your cancellation. Clients are NOT subject to a full refund UNLESS the cancellation request is made at least 5 days before the final payment date. If you cancel after those 5 days, your refund will be reduced by the cost of any materials purchased or work that has already been completed for your order.

Please be aware that once your booking is canceled, I cannot guarantee any open bookings will be available, especially during busy months and holidays. Additionally, since the cookies are made to order, for this reason, payments are non-refundable if a cancellation is made later than 5 days before the final payment date. 

If your event date changes, I am happy to accommodate and reschedule your order free of charge, as long as the new event date is no later than 3 months of that date. 


Due to the orders being handmade food items, returns and exchanges are not applicable. For any other remaining issues, you will need to contact Sweet Eats By Rachel.  If there are any unsatisfactory issues after delivery or pickup, kindly send an email or use the contact form. Depending on the potential issue, a partial refund MAY be offered, not guaranteed.


Once an order is out of Sweet Eats By Rachel's hands, we are not responsible for any damages made to the order. Damages include but are not limited to: Breaks, collapses, cracking, color bleed, buttercream melting. Each order is inspected and packaged as safely as possible and is not handed over to the customer unless it perfect and ready to go. This includes any shipped orders. We are not responsible, as each order is provided with specific instructions on how to care and/or travel with the order. These instructions provide the necessary information on how to properly care for the order to avoid most of the above issues. Cookies are fragile and break/cracks and color bleed can occur either due to the way they were transported, bumps, fast stops or placements and major temperature fluctuations. Cakes need to be in a well chilled area until ready to serve, and to be transported as carefully as possible in a fully level matter or else collapse can occur.


Any recurring orders for companies, non-profits, schools, etc may receive a 10% discount after their 2nd order that is no more than 1 month within each other. If you do not make or pause your recurring order for the following month, the discount is removed and can be re-applied after your 2nd order with Sweet Eats By Rachel again. No fees for pausing for the month, however, you must notify Sweet Eats By Rachel, so your order is not created.


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No claim to copyright is made for original U.S. Government Works.

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Sweet Eats By Rachel welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Statement of Shipping/Delivery. If you believe that Sweet Eats By Rachel has not adhered to this Statement, please contact Sweet Eats By Rachel at:


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Effective as of July 25, 2023

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